Shipping Methods


Enthesis Trading ships your orders locally and internationally in the following ways:

Shipping with ACS Courier

For Cyprus and Greece, we ship orders with ACS Courier. Delivery time is usually 1-2 working days for  most areas in Cyprus and 2-4 days for most areas in Greece, including islands and Pelopponisos.

The parcel service provides full traceability through ACS Courier Track & Trace facility.

Local Pickup

For those who choose the local Pickup as an option, our store address is the following:

Shipping with Post Office

For orders outside Cyprus and Greece, we can ship by post. The shipping cost differs according to the weight of the package starting from 1kg.

With Post Office we offer 2 options:

1. Regular Parcels

The parcel service enables the exchange of parcel to and from all countries of the world in which there is a postal connection. With low cost, a corporate client or an individual can send goods or personal effects abroad, in one way:

  • 1st Priority Parcels

The parcel service provides full traceability through Cyprus Post Track & Trace facility.

2. EMS Datapost

  • Speed
  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Attractive prices
  • Track & Trace
  • Connection with 128 countries
  • 51 Points of service
  • Timely delivery

The service is ideal for sending documents and rapidly and safely at attractive prices. The items receive special handling and have priority both in forwarding and during customs clearance and delivery. They are sent in special dispatches to more than 128 countries.

EMS Datapost provides full traceability through Cyprus Post Track & Trace facility.