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The users of this website enthesis-trading.com agree that the access and use of this website is subject to the following terms and conditions and other related laws. If you don’t agree with those terms and conditions, please don’t use this website.

Products, Content and Definitions

All the characteristics, content, products and product and service prices that are displayed in the website enthesis-trading.com are subject to changes at any given time without a further warning. Accurate weight, sizes and similar descriptions are approximately and are given only for guidance.

The company Enthesis Trading makes significant effort for the best and most accurate presentation of the product attributes. Due to reasons such as material storing, and the manufacturing process, the producers of the products that are sold in our website, have the right to reform the design and to use similar production materials if they feel it’s necessary for production adjustment or because of the missing production materials.

The inclusion some of the products or services in this Website at a given time does not mean or guarantees that those products or services will be available in the future.

It is in your responsibility to verify and oblige with all the applicable local, state, and federal laws (including the minimal age) in relation to the acquisition, usage and selling of every product that you have bought form the website enthesis-trading.com.

By completing an order, you agree that the products that you ordered will be used absolute legally. All the DVD and similar products are sold for private use in your home (where there is no additional charges for public displaying), non-public display, and the copying is forbidden.

Information Accuracy

We are trying to reinsure that all the information in the website enthesis-trading.com are complete, accurate and up-to-date. Even though all our efforts, the information may be inaccurate, wrong or may not have been updated. For example, products that included in this website may not be available, might have different attributes to those that are presented, or the price might be different.

Also we might make change the information related with the price and availability without a further notice. Even though it is our responsibility to confirm your orders by email, this does not mean the acceptance or the confirmation of a product sale or service. We have the right, without a further notice, to reduce the quantity, in all products and services and to refuse the serve the customer. We might ask for additional information (such as an identification copy for age confirmation etc.) before the acceptance or the execution of the order.

Intellectual Property

All the content that is included in the website enthesis-trading.com, including but not limited to the text, images or passwords are intellectual property and collective work of the company Enthesis Trading and are protected by the European Laws about copyright. The collective work includes work that is certified to the company Enthesis Trading.

Copyright, Enthesis Trading all rights reserved

Authorization is provided for the digital copying and printing in a hard storage device only for partial parts of this website absolutely only for the purpose of making an order or to purchase products from the company Enthesis Trading. You can present, or display materials from this website, for example the collection or print parts of the material from various parts of this website exclusively for your personal non-commercial usage, or to make an order or to purchase products from the company Enthesis Trading. Any other usage including but not limited, the reproduction, distribution, display or transfer of the content of this website is strictly forbidden, except if you are authorized by the company Enthesis Trading.  Furthermore you agree not to change or remove any notice of exclusivity from the materials you have received from Enthesis Trading.

Corporate Identity

All the corporate Identities, corporate services and corporate names and business logos of Enthesis Trading that are used in this website are registered as corporate logotypes of the company Enthesis Trading and it’s partners.

Warrantee Disclaimer

This website including its materials and the products that are displayed in the website, are promoted the way they are without a further guarantee, whether was expressed verbally or whether it was assumed. According to the applicable laws the company Enthesis Trading disclaims any guarantee, that was expressed verbally or not, including but not limiting, any assumed guarantees about functionality and/or physical state of use of some of the products. The company Enthesis Trading does not represent or guarantees that the use of this website is infallible or without any flaws, and all the malfunctions will corrected. Also the company Enthesis Trading does not guarantees about the products usage that are displayed in this website concerning their accuracy, competence, suitability, usefulness, sufficiency and reliability. Some countries don’t allow limitations or exceptions of warrantees, therefore the above exceptions might not be applicable for you if you a resident in such a country.

Limitations of Liability

The company Enthesis Trading is not responsible for specific or incidental destructions that might have occurred as a result of the usage of these products, even if the company Enthesis Trading has not warned the probability of such a disaster.  Specific laws might not allow limitation of liability or specific or incidental destructions, therefore the above limitations might not be applicable to you.

Typography Errors

In the occasion when for some products has been inserted the wrong price, the company Enthesis Trading has the right to refuse or to cancel an order if the customer does not accept the right price even if he’s or she’s credit card has been charged. At the occasion that the customer’s credit card has been charged for the order that was cancelled, Enthesis Trading will credit your credit card with the amount of the order that was cancelled.

Cancellation Rules

Those terms and conditions are applicable to you when you use this website and/or at the completion of registration or order. Those terms and conditions might be cancelled from the company Enthesis Trading without a further notice, at any time and for any reason. The security of the Copyright, Company Identity, Disclaimers, Limitations of Liability, Compensation and other related, will confirm any cancellation.


The company Enthesis Trading might send you a notice in email form, a general notification in the website, or through other communication methods to your personal information that you have submitted to the company.


You agree that the jurisdiction and venue for every legal transition direct or indirect that comes from or relates to Enthesis Trading (including but not limiting the purchase of products from the website of Enthesis Trading) must take place in state of federal courts in Cyprus.

For any reason, act or claim that you might have and relates to this website (including but not limiting the purchase of products from the company Enthesis Trading) must be resolved within (1) year after the expression of the claim, reason or act. The absence of Enthesis Trading to claim or enforce actions in any of those terms or conditions will not be recalled as an act of resignations of right of any action or right. Neither the management between the two sides neither the trade practice will act or alter any of those terms and conditions. Enthesis Trading might assign its rights and responsibilities of the agreement in any contracting at any time without warning you.

Website Usage

The abuse at any form or type in this website through web-mail, web-voice, or the use of indecent or offensive language, it’s strictly forbidden. The imitation, including the legal employees or partners of the company Enthesis Trading, hosting companies or representatives, as well as the members or visitors of this website, is strictly forbidden.

You cannot upload, distribute, or at any other way post through the website content that is abusive, defamatory, obscene, threatening, that violate personal rights or publication rights, offensive or illegal, or even disturbing that might predispose or encourage an illegal act, violating the right of either side or might predispose or violate any law.

You are not allowed to upload advertising content in this website or to use this website in an obscene matter to try to influence others to register or become members in some other electronic commerce service or organization.

Participation Refusal

The company Enthesis Trading does not investigate and cannot review all the communications and the information that is posted or created by other users that have access to the website, and is not responsible in any way about the content of these communications. Acknowledging the providing you with the ability to see and to distribute content that are created by users in this website, Enthesis Trading simple acts as a passive conduit about those distributions and is not committed to any responsibility or participation with any content or activities in this website. Although Enthesis Trading has the right to block or delete communicational details or information that is determined as (a) abusive, defamatory or vulgar, (b) fraudulent, misleading or with deceptive nature, (c) violate the private rights, company identity or any other copyrighting rights, or (d) offensive or undesirable for the discreet of the company Enthesis Trading.


You agree to protect, support, and keen unharmed the company Enthesis Trading in concern with its facilities, management, employees, representatives, authorizes and suppliers (and generally who ever participates with the customer service) from and against any loss, expenses and destruction, including reasonable lawyer charges, that resolve from any violation of these terms and conditions or any other activity about your account (including the negligence or improper contact) from you or any other person that has access to the website by using your personal connection details.

Third Party Connections

In an attempt to provide churning value to its visitors, the company Enthesis Trading might link to websites that are operated by third parties. Even if the third party co-operates with Enthesis Trading, Enthesis Trading is not in control with the linked websites, which those have separate applications about privacy policy and data collection, independent of Enthesis Trading. Those linked websites are provided only for facilitation and the access to these is your responsibility. Enthesis Trading tries to protect the integrity of the website and the links that are placed in thus it requires any information not only about the website but also about the websites that are linked to those (including if a specific link is broken).